I have recently read Karen Coombs and Amanda J Hollister book Open Source Web Applications for Libraries (if you wish to buy it). Or here if you wish to borrow it via inter-library loan. Anyhow, as a person of some (but limited) experience of open source systems within libraries, I wanted to learn more, and needed an entry level book to get a grasp of. Anyhow, I'll discuss the book by chapters, which are as follows:-
  1. Part I : What is open source software?
  2. The LAMP Stack.
  3. Web Hosting options Part II : Blogs and Wikis
  4. Wordpress
  5. Movable type
  6. Pmwiki
  7. Mediawiki PART III : Content management systems
  8. Wordpress as a CMS
  9. Joomla
  10. Drupal Part IV : reference and instruction tools
  11. Reference and Instruction tools
  12. Subject guide tools
  13. Libdata Part V : Resource Discovery Tools
  14. Federated search tools
  15. NextGen catalogs

Anyhow, the first section looked at what Open Source software, and where its been used with in Libraries. Integrated library systems such as koha and Evergreen. The book also mentions nextgen catalogs such as Vufind and

Hoolister and Coombs also provide Daniel Chudnov what librarians still don't know about open source software