Ken Chad hosted the first HELibTech 'Dialogue'
In conversation with Kim Massana, CEO of Innovative Interfaces

This event has concluded

The event:

Wednesday 16th October 2013, 12.00-14.00 30 Euston Square London NW1 2FB.

Higher Education Kim_Massana.jpgTechnology (HELibTech) held its first special Library Technology ‘Dialogue’ event in London. Ken Chad was in discussion with Innovative Interfaces CEO Kim Massana and key members of the Innovative Senior Management Team.

The event supported the goal of HELibTech to help develop an open and productive dialogue among the key stakeholders in the library technology marketplace.


The event was aimed at people with a strategic interest and role in terms of library technology and attendees include Heads of Library and Information Service from and number of UK Universities

The agenda

This was not a ‘product pitch’ or a sales presentation, but rather the chance for key members of the library community to engage with the CEO of one of the major global library technology vendors. Kim Massana has a particular perspective as the new (one year in) CEO of Innovative Interfaces after its purchase by private equity investors. Some of the themes discussed were:-
  • Shared services/consortia/resource sharing
  • Routes to the cloud—pretty much all technology is going cloud based
  • What’s the real business case for next generation systems?
  • A perspective of the library market from a private equity owned company