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Ex Libris

Primo® provides a gateway to a wealth of scholarly content, including print, electronic and digital resources. It empowers libraries to shape the discovery experience, providing students, faculty and staff an intuitive, end-to-end service, and maximizing the value of library collections. Primo services can be embedded in commonly used applications such as course management systems and institutional portals and be accessed via mobile devices, enabling a library to meet the needs of users wherever they are.
Primo Central Index
The Primo Central index is a mega-aggregation of over one billion of scholarly e-resources of global and regional importance. These include journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more that are harvested from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators, and from open-access repositories. Ex Libris works with the world’s leading providers of global and regional information. The Primo Central index exploits the richness of the underlying data to facilitate comprehensive, fast and intuitive search. The Primo Central Index is offered as an integral part of the Primo Discovery and Delivery solution. Through a single search box, users can search across the full breadth of content from the library’s collection, exploring the library’s locally-managed collections, along with the global and regional resources from the Primo Central index.
Key Features
With Primo, discovery is encompassing, fast and personalized.
· Relevancy Ranking: Sophisticated algorithms to deliver content most relevant to the search context and each user’s profile
· Serendipitous Discovery: Exploration and learning through automatic recommendations, virtual browse and citation trails
· Next Generation User Interface: Discovery on-the-go from any device, providing a fresh and intuitive web experience
· Flexible Configuration & Customization: Ranking algorithms, metadata and UI can be customized to meet library objectives and user needs
· Rich Analytics & Reporting: Insights into user behavior and usage data to optimize the discovery experience and collection development
· Complete Content Neutrality: No bias toward any vendor in ranking, linking, materials inclusion, or open access content discovery
· Unique Support for Consortia: Enhanced consortia collaboration, maintaining flexibility and autonomy for member institutions
· Alma & Primo Interoperability: A unified, end-to-end solution for library resource management, discovery and delivery
Interactive publication about Primo, including testimonials from existing customers: http://www.exlibrispublications.com/primo/

List of Primo sites with URLs and the systems harvested:
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Customers using Primo Central index only:
List of Primo sites around the world on the Ex Libris user group website: http://el-una.org/product-groups/primo-group/primo-sites/

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