This page is a start to 'map' the nature and extent of capacity to enable open source solutions to flourish in HE libraries

Nature of capacity, problem(s) that can be solved
Nature of the help available
Where can the capacity be found?
On what basis is the capacity available?
How can I judge how good it is? references, past experience , etc
Does/how might open source have a place in the institutional library systems infrastructure
Help with evaluating/recommending solutions, market intelligence, developing a biz case, requirements. procurement
Ken Chad Consulting Ltd
Commercial terms
Open Source licensing
what is the most appropriate OSS license?
Free to HE and FE institutions

for Koha LMS, various CMSes
On commercial terms (we also do some community work)
MJ Ray, Co-owner
References on request, first UK-HE Koha 2004, UK-FE 2003, Koha 2.0 RM
for Koha & Evergreen LMS
PTFS Europe
On commercial terms
Nick Dimant MD PTFS Europe

Installing OSS solutions
Tips and sharing experience on implementing VuFind vertical search /discovery
University of Swansea
informal free advice
Mark Hughes, Swansea University

Procuring OSS solutions
Sharing experience of procuring an OSS LMS (Koha)
University of Staffordshire
informal free advice

Documentation (Evergreen LMS/ILS)
Documentation (user manuals) for the BC libraries 'Sitka project' are available

The Sitka team has alos produced a number of step-by-step videos on a range of Evergreen reports. Hosted by Mark Bucholtz, Sitka Migration Specialist, the videos walk through the general concepts to produce reports, as well as some examples of specific item, patron and circulation reports. The videos are licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0 and are available here

free online
Sharon Herbert
Project Manager, Sitka
BC Libraries Cooperative
Tel: +1 604.854.5618

Assessment/ Evaluation/Selection
Helping libraries understand the benefits of open source ILS and resource-sharing solutions and working to find the best fit for your library based on your capacity, the software, the community behind the software, your budget, and your operational goals.
The Galecia Group
Free resources and advice online at and Lori Bowen Ayre is available for consulting.
Lori Bowen Ayre
Principal Consultant
The Galecia Group