SCONUL (The Society of College, National and University Libraries) and shared services


'Shared and Collaborative Services' is one of the four main strategic themes of SCONUL. There is Shared and Collaborative Services Strategy Group

Background information

A helpful introduction to the background of SCONUL's involvement with shared services was given by Ann Bell at the 'community event' held in May 2010.

2009 shared services report

The report was completed at the end of 2009. The (2009) SCONUL Shared Services project looked at what might be the best opportunity for a major (potentially national) shared service. It was presented, debated and blogged at a number of events culminating in the the May 2010 'community' event.The report included a business case for funding but the funding bid to HEFCE was unsuccessful.

The report was presented and discussed at the following events:-

Shared services seminar London 22nd November 2009

  1. Anne Bell, Chair, SCONUL Shared Services Steering Group gave a brief overview of SCONUL’s work on shared services and its collaboration with JISC on this issue.
  2. Lorraine Estelle, Chief Executive Officer, JISC Collections gave an outline of the ways in which JISC Collections’ work relates to the shared services agenda being pursued by SCONUL.
  3. Liam Earney, Head of Licensing and Customer Service, JISC Collections outlined some of the work that JISC Collections is undertaking on a licensing tool
  4. Ben Showers, Programme Manager, Digital Infrastructure, JISC outlined the main features of the two projects which are being carried out in collaboration with SCONUL
  5. Rachel Bruce, Innovation Director, Digital Infrastructure, JISC described how the SCONUL/JISC projects fits into the broader picture of JISC’s work
  6. Nick Lewis, Library Director, University of East Anglia described his experience of developing a pilot case study at the University of East Anglia and set out the methodology used.
  7. Fiona Parsons, Director, University of Wolverhampton Library and Chair of SCONUL brought proceedings to a close.

'Community event' May 2010

The project was 'launched' to the wider community on 19th May at a meeting in London. Click on the Comunity Event link below to view the programme, presentations Shared Services Community Event

SCONUL conference June 2010

A presentation. 'Big Picture to Local Impact' was made to the conference