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Library 'Apps'

Responsive design and Apps

In order to offer library system functionality on an mobile device (tablet or phone) venders may offer a 'responsive design ' approach. In essence this resizes the existing web based functionality to fit on a smaller (mobile or tablet screen). Delivering Responsive Web Design via the Library OPAC - a literature review. Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Vendors may also offer an Apps. Apps have to be downloaded (from an 'app store' -eg Apple's app store, Google play) onto the mobile device and generally provide a different user experience -for example workflows and functions may be tailored to better exploit working on a mobile device.

Apps may be specific to the library or library functionality may be incorporated into a wider university app. For example, library system vendor Ex Libris (Clarivate) provides campusM - an app that is designed for multiple functions.

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