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Innovative Interfaces

Encore presents a number of discovery features, such as faceted search results, Tag Cloud,Did You Mean…?,Popular Choices and Recently Added suggestions, and RightResult™ relevance ranking. Encore works with a variety of library systems (LMS/ILS)

Encore makes use of user contributions as a tool for discovery by blending in community participation features, such as tagging.
Encore also integratesINN-Reachsearch results,Electronic Resource Managementresource records,Program Registration,Pathfinder Procontextual links, as well asResearch Proand other federated-search tools. Your library can also bring enriched content and harvested data into the Encore environment. With Encore,it's all right here!

For more information see the Encore website.

RightResult™ is a trademark of Innovative Interfaces.

Key Feature

Encore offers a suite of applications and web services that delivers a universe of information in ways that are intuitive, relevant, and, perhaps most important, familiar to today’s internet users. Through a single search box, Encore connects users to all the trusted resources the library collects or selects. Plus, Encore gives users ways to connect with each other and participate in your library’s information landscape.

Encore presents a number of discovery features, including faceted search results, Tag Cloud, Did You Mean…?, Popular Choices, Recently Added suggestions, and RightResult™ relevance ranking. It integrates federated search, as well as enriched content—like first chapters—and harvested data, and facilitates community participation with user tagging and community reviews.

Encore gives libraries the ability to implement complete applications or leverage a powerful API that liberates data to support in-house application development—or both.

Encore represents an active partnership between a library technology company and libraries to create the next-gen library interface. An iterative development processes rolls out new features. There have been three full releases in the past three years.

Innovative has extended of service the Encore “Pit Crew”—a dedicated team of product experts. The Encore “Pit Crew” comes to your library for a launch event that includes a staff training. You don’t need specialized technical resources

Works with Your ILS
When you select Encore, you benefit from a next-generation discovery tool without having to change your integrated library system (ILS). In a short time, you can transform the user experience while retaining your current technology platform. Same data, different front-end, real results! If your library uses Innovative’s Millennium ILS, Encore leverages real-time, smart connections to library system data and the power of modules such as Electronic Resource Management.

Plug and Play
The Encore discovery services platform is plug and play. In most cases, Encore is up and running in a matter of hours.

RightResult™ is a trademark of Innovative Interfaces.s


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