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 +Explorit \\ \\ [[http://​​products/​explorit-everywhere-for-libraries/​|Vendor]]\\ ​ Deep Web Technologies\\ \\ [[http://​​company/​resource-center/​explorit-features/​|Features]]\\ ​ Simple Search \\  One search page accesses all sources and generates de-duplicated,​ aggregated and ranked results\\ \\  Advanced Search\\ ​ advanced search capabilities allow you to choose your sources to search, enter multiple search requirements and specify dates\\ \\  Full Text Search\\ ​ Limit search results to display only results with full text links\\ \\  Incremental Results\\ ​ Real-time results display quickly from faster sources, while slower sources are searched in the background and may added when the search is complete\\ \\  Related Content Sidebar\\ ​ Displays news, definitions,​ wiki information or other related content on the right side of the results page.\\ \\  Intelligent Clustering\\ ​ Clusters will group semantically in text or visual groups to help narrow results.\\ \\  Flexible Filters and Sorts\\ ​ Narrow your results list view by date, rank, title, author and source\\ \\  Tabs\\ ​ Segregate results into tabs for simple identification and viewing of results types\\ \\  Personal Library\\ ​ Save selected results for future use or upload to your citation manager such as RefWorks or EndNote\\ \\  Automatic Alerts\\ ​ Stay updated on new information via daily or weekly emails or your RSS/ATOM feed\\ \\  Search Statistics\\ ​ Graphical charts show usage, reliability,​ performance and ROI across information sources.\\ \\  Search Builder\\ ​ Create multiple, custom search engines for departments and groups within your organization\\ \\  Connectors\\ ​ Explorit will extract the most information from each of your sources\\ \\  Connector Monitoring\\ ​ The Deep Web Technologies’ connector monitoring team will immediately catch, fix and update your connectors to keep them operating at peak performance.\\ ​ Fast Delivery\\ ​ Professional Services Group will handle your application from requirements to deployment\\ \\  Web Services Layer \\  Tightly integrate fully documented API with your internal and proprietary needs.
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