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 + ​[[http://​​|Discovery Tool SeeSearch]]  
 +====== Seesearch ====== 
 +====== (Please help to keep this page as neutral and factual and possible! Feel free to make links to company and other information) ====== 
 +\\  SeeSearch presents results in a single interactive visual display. It enables users to see, understand and access results in one go. It is personalised to the users' interests, subject areas and discipline to reduce irrelevant '​noise'​\\  
 +===== Vendor ===== 
 +[[https://​​company/​vizolve|Vizolve]]\\ ​ "​Vizolve is a design led technology company specialising in search and data visualisation technologies. We have developed our flagship product named SeeSearch that is delivered as a multi-platform cloud-based patent-pending solution that can search multiple types of content from structured and non-structure databases and repositories"​.\\ ​ #​seesearch\\ ​ @HilaryT4S\\ \\  
 +===== Customers ===== 
 + South Dublin libraries Ireland\\ ​ Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Ireland\\ \\  
 +===== Articles ===== 
 +[[http://​​2014/​01/​27/​seesearch-featured-in-the-irish-times/​|SeeSearch featured in The Irish Times Wayra Ireland January 27, 2014]]\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ .\\ \\  
 +===== Key Features =====
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