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 +====== XC Extensible Catalogue ======
 +===== Vendor =====
 + Open Source (University of Rochester)\\ http://​​\\ \\ [[http://​​software/​drupaltoolkit/​demo|demo website]]\\ ​ eXtensible Catalog is open source, user-centered,​ next generation software for libraries. It comprises four software components that can be used independently to address a particular need or combined to provide an end-to-end discovery system to connect library users with resources.\\ \\ 
 +===== Key Features =====
 + User Interface\\ ​ Take Control of Your Library Website\\ ​ The Drupal Toolkit integrates searchable library metadata, ILS circulation services, repository content and library website content into a feature-rich web user interface.\\ \\  The out-of-the-box search interface offers faceted browsing with customizable facets. A platform to build custom web applications that integrate with library metadata and ILS circulation services is also provided.\\ \\  Metadata Management\\ ​ Take Control of Disparate Data\\ ​ The Metadata Services Toolkit enables the XC user interface to present FRBRized, faceted navigation across a range of library resources. The toolkit aggregates metadata from various silos, normalizes (cleans-up) metadata of varying levels of quality, and transform MARC and DC metadata into a consistent format for use in the discovery layer.\\ \\  This toolkit presents an opportunity for libraries to apply their expertise with creating and managing metadata in a variety of web applications.\\ \\  Connectivity\\ ​ Take Control of the Integrated Library System\\ ​ Connecting XC with the metadata repository and circulation services in an ILS requires two toolkits. Each of these toolkits is designed to closely integrate with a range of Integrated Library Systems.\\ \\  First, the OAI Toolkit provides synchronization with MARC metadata that is managed by the ILS.\\ \\  Second, the NCIP Toolkit provides live circulation status display, circulation forms submission, and ILS authentication for applications that work alongside your ILS.\\ \\ \\ 
 +===== Customers =====
 + ​Please see the '​[[he_systems_review|Discovery - Who uses what systems]]'​ section for an updated list.\\ \\ 
 +===== External Links =====
 +  * Resources: http://​​learnmore
 +  * Support: http://​​support\\ \\ \\ 
 +\\ http://​​software/​drupaltoolkit/​demo\\
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