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Key issues

Briefing papers on key issues

  1. Library management system to library services platform. Resource management for libraries: a new perspective
  2. Rethinking the library services platform
  3. The new role of the library in teaching and learning outcomes
  4. The student consumer and the rise of e-textbook platforms
  5. The rise of library centric reading list systems
  6. Aggregate and amplify – enhancing the value and use of theses and dissertations
  7. Open library systems – a new perspective

Library Systems


Library 'Apps'

Responsive design and Apps

In order to offer library system functionality on an mobile device (tablet or phone) venders may offer a 'responsive design ' approach. In essence this resizes the existing web based functionality to fit on a smaller (mobile or tablet screen). Delivering Responsive Web Design via the Library OPAC - a literature review. Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Vendors may also offer an Apps. Apps have to be downloaded (from an 'app store' -eg Apple's app store, Google play) onto the mobile device and generally provide a different user experience -for example workflows and functions may be tailored to better exploit working on a mobile device.

Apps may be specific to the library or library functionality may be incorporated into a wide university app. For example library system vendor Ex Libris provides campusM - an app that is designed for multiple functions, Some examples of apps



Innovative Interfaces- new mobile app for Polaris and Sierra library systems

From the web site: “With a focus on safety and contactless service, Innovative Mobile simplifies receiving online payments and provides low-cost patron self-service options, including a digital library card and a self-check via barcode or RFID. In addition, a “Curbside Pickup” option is available for patrons to reserve items in the app and be notified when it’s time to pick up, and an “I’m Here” option to alert the library the patron is ready for pickup curbside”.

Solus UK Acquires Boopsie Mobile App Division from Demco, Inc

From the Press Release

“Boopsie customers will transition to the Solus app, which will provide increased functionality, multiple language support and curbside pickup Solus UK, LTD is pleased to announce it has acquired the Boopsie mobile app and customer base from Demco, Inc. All Boopsie customers will be migrated to the latest Solus Library App at no additional cost to their existing subscription.

OCLC mobile app - Digby

From the OCLC website: “Digby is a mobile app that is available as part of your library’s WorldShare Management Services (WMS) subscription. The Digby app is for use by your student workers, volunteers, and staff and provides clear instructions for handling a range of common library tasks from reshelving items to basic inventory, and more.

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