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Key issues

Briefing papers on key issues

  1. Library management system to library services platform. Resource management for libraries: a new perspective
  2. Rethinking the library services platform
  3. The new role of the library in teaching and learning outcomes
  4. The student consumer and the rise of e-textbook platforms
  5. The rise of library centric reading list systems
  6. Aggregate and amplify – enhancing the value and use of theses and dissertations

Library Systems


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Enquiry Management Systems

Enquiry management systems are different from most CRM systems which are designed to manage outbound sales and marketing interactions. In contrast enquiry management software is all about managing inbound enquiries, - helping the library to keep track of them. In this regard there are similar to help desk systems used in business, They overlap with library online reference solutions such as QuestionPoint from OCLC

An example is Enquire from Bailey solutions

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