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-====== ​  ​====== +__false__
- +
----- +
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-| \\   \\ **{{:​helibtech_logo.png?​nolink&​}} \\  \\ HELibTech has been migrated from its earlier (Wikispaces) platform so looks a little different** \\  \\ The aim of HELibTech is to provide a starting point for anyone interested in library technology in Higher Education. The focus is UK but most of the issues will be relevant elsewhere. \\  \\ HELibTech originated in a major sector project: The [[http://​​wayback/​archive/​20140615073047/​http://​​media/​documents/​programmes/​resourcediscovery/​lmsstudy.pdf|JISC & SCONUL Library Management Systems Study]]:An Evaluation and horizon scan of the current library management systems and related systems landscape for UK higher education. March 2008. HELibTech has enabled the work of that project to be kept up to date and expanded.The site uses the DokuWikis oftware. \\   ​\\ ​ [[http://​​|Ken Chad Consulting]] set up the site and has taken on the role of '​WikiMaster'​ to encourage contributions,​ help contributors and protect the site from any malicious activity. However Ken Chad Consulting is not responsible for the content. \\   ​\\ ​ **THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS** HELibTech continues as a free and open community resource. \\  \\ Anyone can view and download the content (though bear in mind that content that we link to may have restrictions). Feel free to correct, add or edit content. Please keep content neutral and factual and avoid hype. Links can be make to external content. If you need help email Ken Chad (||| +
-|**HELibTech SPONSORS** ||| +
-|{{:​exlibris_logo.jpg?​nolink&​166x63 ​ |exlibris_logo.jpg}}|{{:​sdlogo.png?​nolink&​125x98}}| | +
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