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Key issues

Briefing papers and Webinars** on key issues

A new age for library metadata? (Webinar)

  1. Library management system to library services platform. Resource management for libraries: a new perspective
  2. Rethinking the library services platform
  3. The new role of the library in teaching and learning outcomes
  4. The student consumer and the rise of e-textbook platforms
  5. The rise of library centric reading list systems
  6. Aggregate and amplify – enhancing the value and use of theses and dissertations
  7. Open library systems – a new perspective
  8. New approaches to resource sharing

Library Systems



“Yewno’s platform harnesses hundreds of millions of semantic connections and conceptual links from millions of scholarly articles, books, and databases across virtually all academic fields. Discover empowers users to navigate intuitively across concepts, relationships, and fields, learning from resources that might have otherwise been overlooked. This not only enhances understanding and creates more impactful work, but also saves time while ensuring comprehensive and credible coverage.”

From the Stanford University website…

“Yewno is a discovery tool that provides a graphical display of the interrelationships between concepts. Yewno uses computational semantics, graph theory, and machine learning to extract concepts from scholarly publications including journals, books, and theses, and displays search results in a graphical interface that displays the interrelationships between those concepts. Users can follow links in that display to find the underlying publications from which concepts and relationships are extracted, and the system integrates with library resource licenses allowing users to have direct access to the full text of underlying publications”.

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